Archon, gestión de archivos.

Documentados Partners Oficiales de Archon.

Archon es un software basado en PHP-Mysql, se distribuye bajo la licencia glp con la excepción de que solo puede ser usada por asociaciones sin ánimo de lucro.

Los chicos de Archon describen su software de esta manera:

Archon’s Key Features

Archon is a unified platform for archival description and access. It provides both a way to record descriptive information about collections and digital objects and a means to view, search, and browse that infomation in a fully-functional public web site.

Archon’s public interface always shows the most current information because it is updated automatically when archival staff add or edit records using an ‘administrative interface.’ (MARC and EAD records are similarly updated when a staff member makes any changes.) Once information has been entered, staff members need do nothing more to make the information instantly accessible, searchable, and browsable.

Specific Feature Lists

End-users can:

  • Simultaneously search for relevant archival collections, series, files and items, as well as associated digital objects.
  • Easily navigate from digital objects to associated collection descriptions and vice versa.
  • View search hits in their full archival context.
  • Browse materials by collection title, digital object title, controlled subject heading, creator authority record, or archival record group.
  • Jump easily between olletions and digital objects sharing the same subject, creator, or archival record group.
  • Show finding aids in print view.
  • View or download digital objects.

Archival staff can:

  • Create standards-compliant collection descriptions and full finding aids using web forms.
  • Describe the series, subseries, files, items, etc. within each collection.
  • Organize collections* into record groups and subgroups based on provenance or any another scheme defined by your repository.
  • Develop creator authorites and link them to collections and digital objects.
  • Manage a controlled subject list and link subject terms to collections and digital objects.
  • Track locations for containers or groups of containers.
  • Upload digital objects directly into archon or link archival descripitons to external URLs.
  • Linking digital objects to their parent collection, series, or file.
  • Login to an enhanced public interface
  • Edit records directly from the enhanced public interface by clicking the edit icon: Archon pencil image.
  • Use an integrated help system by clicking the help buttons: Archon help image.
  • Export MARC and EAD records (for importation to other systems).

Archon administrators can:

  • Define “Repository Level” information such as address, contact information, and overall arrangement scheme.
  • Define record groups or other classifications, into staff may group collections that share a common characteristic, such a provenance.
  • Customize the public interface by tailoring some easy-to-modify HTML/PHP templates.
  • Create new output templates to show the data in any way you choose (5 such templates are included with the current Archon Distribution packet).
  • Configure options such as colors, fonts, etc. in the staff interface.
  • Edit help button texts and error messages provided by the staff interface.
  • Add edit, or delete user accounts, allowing or denying people access to the staff interface.
  • Import MARC and EAD records, as well as other structured information, directly into the source mysql database.
  • Backup the entire source database or individual database tables, including digital objects stored in the system, with a click of the mouse.
  • Terminate Archon sessions saved in cookies, i.e. persistent connections to the database

*The term “collection” is used in Archon simply as shorthand, to mean any group of archival records or personal papers managed as a discrete unit by a repository or manuscript library. Archon is flexible enough to be used for organically-related records, manuscript collections, or both. The display of “collection” labels in the public interface can be tailored to reflect specific repository needs.

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Documentados Partners Oficiales de Archon.


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